Friends of Old Bega Hospital Inc

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2019

The 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Friends of the Old Bega Hospital Inc will be held at 2pm on Sunday 10 November 2019 at the Nurses Quarters (EdgeFM building) at the Old Bega Hospital, 3 Corkhill Place, Bega NSW.


1. Opening of meeting

2. To confirm the minutes of previous general meeting, the 2018 AGM held on 11 November 2018.

3. To receive from the committee reports on the activities of the association during the last preceding financial year

4. To receive and consider the financial statement and report

5. To elect office-bearers of the association and ordinary committee members

6. General business.

Explanatory notes

1. Article 29 of the constitution requires 5 financial members to be present to constitute a quorum. The constitution is available on the Friends website, New or non-financial members should contact the Secretary ( to pay the annual dues ($10) before the meeting.

2. For agenda item 2, the draft minutes of the 2018 AGM are at Attachment 1 below.

3. For agenda item 3, the president's report is at Attachment 2 below.

4. For agenda item 4, the financial statements are at Attachment 3 below.

5. The office bearers of the association are set out in article 16 of the constitution. To be elected are president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and 3 ordinary committee members. Article 17 of the constitution sets out the processes for nomination and election. The only requirements for nominations are that they must be made in writing, be signed by 2 members of the association and be accompanied by the written consent of the candidate (which may be endorsed on the form of the nomination); and that nominations should be sent to the Secretary 7 days before the meeting. There is no specific nomination form. If following consideration of nominations received in advance there are unfilled positions then further nominations will be accepted at the meeting.

People with no committee experience are encouraged to nominate if they would like to learn about committee processes. Being a committee member involves legal responsibilities, so informal arrangements may need to be made for people under 18. Contact us ( in the first instance) if you would like to discuss a nomination or the nomination process.

Attachment 1

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Friends of the Old Bega Hospital Inc on Sunday, November 11, 2018, at the Old Bega Hospital cottage.

Apologies:  Michael Kavanagh, Eric Myers.

Present: Val Little, Chris Rogers, John Reynolds, Richard Bomford, Jay Ellard, Pat Jones and Claire Lupton.

Minutes of 2017 annual general meeting: Moved: Jay Ellard, seconded. John Reynolds. Carried.

President's Report:
As attached. Jay Ellard moved and John Reynolds seconded that the report be received.

Treasurer's report:
Balance of membership account: $9,300.30
Balance of public account: $378.96
Balance of public investment account: $44,312.13
The sum of $46 be paid to the NSW Department of Fair Trading for the lodgement of an annual summary of financial affairs.
Jay Ellard be authorised to be a signatory needed on the IMB bank accounts.
Moved:  John Reynolds, seconded: Val Little. Carried.

Election of officers and committee:
President Richard Bomford (Lupton/Reynolds)
Vice President Jay Ellard (Reynolds/Lupton)
Secretary Claire Lupton (Jones/Little)
Treasurer John Reynolds (Jones/Little)
Committee members: Pat Jones and Val Little (Ellard/Reynolds)
Fundraising committee members: Rebecca Lupton, Pat Jones, Val Little Gordon Beattie, John Reynolds, Claire Lupton (Reynolds/Ellard).

Attachment 2

Friends of the Old Bega Hospital Annual Report, 1 July 2018 - 30 June 2019

The main activities of the Friends during the year were public awareness and fundraising. The two often go together. The Friends continued to provide active support for the Old Bega Hospital Reserve Land Manager, the community volunteer based group that manages the Old Bega Hospital for Crown Lands.

Funding for the OBH

The big event of the year was an announcement by Andrew Constance, Member for Bega, on 8 February 2019 that $3m has been reserved under the Communities Development Fund for restoration of the Old Bega Hospital. A lot of work preceded that announcement. First up was finalisation of plans for the restoration by Sibling Architects of Melbourne and various specialists. The plans were in two stages: stage 1 was a basic bare bones restoration that just ensured the community would be able to use the whole building. Stage 2 proposed expansion with new decks, enclosure of outside spaces, and much more finishing and fitting out. The Reserve Land Manager applied to the Regional Cultural Fund for $2.91m to go with the $0.5m already on offer from Minister Barilaro, which would fund stage 1. The Friends organised a public meeting to help with the application, and then launched a postcard campaign run in concert with selling tickets for the Friends raffle. Notwithstanding the depth of community support, the Regional Cultural Fund application was not successful.

The postcard campaign continued and Val started a Knit the Roof campaign to draw attention to our frustration. Then prior to the State election in March 2019, Labor announced that it would provide $0.5m for a roof, without the additional funding conditions attached to Minister Barilaro's $0.5m offer. Mr Constance was reported in the Bega District News as saying that the Reserve Land Manager already had Minister Barilaro's $0.5m. Things became a bit political at that point, and on 8 February Mr Constance announced the $3m reservation from the Regional Communities Development Fund. That was a government decision, not an election promise. Even so, it proved to be a little more complex than anticipated: it seems that even though the funding was assured, the Reserve Land Manager would still have to apply for the funds, and an application process had not yet been determined by the government. A long delay ensured in which it was hard to see anything happening. In August, the government advised that the application process had been decided, and the Reserve Land Manager proceeded to apply. An assessment process commenced after that and is still in progress. An announcement is expected in December 2019, a year after the announcement that the Regional Cultural Fund application had not been successful. Apart from the year's delay, which increases prices, the government also decided that the $3m offer superseded the $0.5m offer from Minister Barilaro, which leaves the Reserve Land Manager half a million dollars short on the building budget. The Reserve Land Manager applied to Crown Lands to make up the shortfall. An announcement on that was due in August, but had still not been made in mid October.

Trivia Night

First event for the financial year for the Friends was the annual Trivia Night, held at the Tarraganda Country Club on Saturday 3 August 2018. Daniel Doody was the master of ceremonies, and Rhonda Jones the power behind the scenes, with lots of help from Val Little and a team of others. Many cakes were baked and auctioned, and total takings for the night were $1,267.95 from the close to 100 people who took part.

This is an excellent event, and preparations for the 2019 night were well under way at the end of the financial year. Many thanks to all involved.

Raise the Roof Spring Fair

Second event of the year was the annual Raise the Roof Spring Fair, held at the Old Bega Hospital on Sunday, 28 October 2018. Activities included the dog high jump, weaving and dying demonstrations, face painting, sales and advice from the Potters, music, chocolate wheel (with donations from many, many Bega businesses and others), Peppa Pig, raffle, historical display and information, book and CD sales, EdgeFM open day, demonstration of leadlight glass work, cakes, sandwiches and tea, and a garage sale by the Men's Shed.

Gross takings on the day were $3,299.80, cash expenses were $1,877.60. Sponsors were Bega Valley Shire Council ($1,000) and Bega Cheese ($2,000), plus many donations of prizes and other support.

The Spring Fair is a lot of work, done well and with enthusiasm. Many thanks to all involved, particularly the Fund Raising Committee, the sponsors, the donors and to everyone who came along to support the Old Bega Hospital on the day.


The Friends of the Old Bega Hospital travel raffle is also becoming an annual event: the prize seems to be attractive. Many thanks to John Reynolds, the Friends' treasurer, who does most of the organising work, and to the small team that does the great bulk of the selling, mainly from a stall on the streets of Bega. The prize this year was $3,000 worth of travel from Flight Centre, who make a small donation. The raffle raised over $6,000 including donations, giving a surplus of over $3,000 for the Friends, net of costs. The winner was Eric Johnston of Bega. Money is not the only objective: selling the tickets allows us to talk to lots of people and keeps them up to date and engaged with the Old Bega Hospital.


Newsletters were sent out on 1 August, 10 August, 31 August, 19 October, 27 October, 12 November, 31 December 2018 and 9 February 2019. The newsletter goes to about 70 addressees.

Website and Facebook

The website,, was maintained through the year. The cost is minimal and covered by in kind donations.

The Facebook page was much more actively managed this year, with substantially increased number of 'likes'.


The committee met on the second Tuesday of most months, with one or two breaks when members couldn't make it and there was little pressing business. Much business to do with organising events was conducted by the Fund Raising Committee, via meetings and email.


Membership at the end of the year was about 50 financial members.


The Friends are in a sound position financially. The treasurer's report has the details.

Many thanks to everyone who has supported the Friends, directly and indirectly, over the course of the year.

Richard Bomford

10 November 2019

Attachment 3

Friends of the Old Bega Hospital Inc Financial Statements 30 June 2019

Operating Statement at 30 June 2019 ($)



















 Spring Fair






 Fair Float



 Trivia Night



 Total Income









 Fair Trading lodgement fees






 Project Pamphlet costs



 Raffle Prize & costs



 Repairs & maintenance



 BVSC meeting room hire



 Spring Fair Costs






 Spring fair float



 Total Expenses






 Net result of Operations for the year



Balance Sheet at 30 June 2019 ($)




 Current Assets



   Everyday Membership A/c 200669857



   Public Investment A/c 200699946



   Public A/c 200669859



 Total Current Assets



 Current Liabilities



 Net Current Assets






 Non current Assets



 Non Current Liabilities



 Net Non Current Assets






 Total Assets