Friends of Old Bega Hospital Inc

Draft Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Friends of the Old Bega Hospital Inc
Sunday, November 14, 2021, at the Old Bega Hospital.

Apologies:  Eric Myers, Gordon Beattie, Anne Marshall, John Reynolds, Jay Ellard, Kay Dowman.

Present:  Pat Jones, Chris Rogers, Val Little, Richard Bomford, Claire Lupton.

Minutes of 2020 annual general meeting: Moved: Pat Jones, seconded: Chris Rogers. Carried.

President's Report:

Moved it be received: Pat Jones, seconded Chris Rogers.

Events committee report:

Moved it be received: Pat Jones, seconded Chris Rogers.

Treasurer's report:   

Balance of membership account: $6,248.57

Balance of public account: $409.08

Balance of public investment account: $63,000.00

The sum of $48 be paid to the NSW Department of Fair Trading for the lodgement of an annual summary of financial affairs.

Moved: Chris Rogers, seconded: Val Little. Carried.

Election of officers and committee:

President Richard Bomford (C Lupton, Pat Jones.)

Vice President Jay Ellard (Claire Lupton/Pat Jones)

Secretary Claire Lupton (Pat Jones/John Reynolds)

Treasurer John Reynolds (Claire Lupton/Pat Jones)

Committee members: Pat Jones (Claire Lupton/John Reynolds), Eric Myers (Pat Jones/Jay Ellard), Kay Dowman (Claire Lupton/ Val Little).

Events committee members: Val Little, Claire Lupton, Gordon Beattie.