Friends of the Old Bega Hospital VEGEMITEŽ Cooking Competition

The OBH VegemiteŽ Cooking Competition January 2022 is on with the 2022 Bega CWA Land Cooking Contest

The OBH VegemiteŽ Cooking Competition is on. Time to get cooking with VegemiteŽ!

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The Bega Country Women's Association has included an OBH VegemiteŽ Cooking Category in the branch judging of Bega CWA entries in the Annual CWA Land Cookery Contest, sponsored by The Land newspaper. The prize winners in the VegemiteŽ Category will not compete in the semi-finals or state finals of the CWA Land Cooking Contest.

Judging will be held in Bega on Saturday, 29 January 2022.

All VegemiteŽ and Land Cookery entries have to be delivered to the CWA rooms, 31 Church Street, Bega, between 9.00am and 10.00am on 29 January. Land Cookery Categories will be judged first, followed by VegemiteŽ entries. Judging should be finished by midday. Winners in the OBH VegemiteŽ Competition will be announced and prizes awarded.

All recipes used are the choice of competitors, they must include, at least, one teaspoon of VegemiteŽ as an ingredient. There is no cost to enter, but a small donation to the CWA would be appreciated by the Friends of the OBH. Entries will be judged on shape, smell, texture, balance in flavours and most important, taste. Creativity will also be considered. The recipe you create, adapt or follow must accompany your entry because the Friends, in time, hope to publish a book of VegemiteŽ Recipes, to raise funds for the OBH Regional Community Cultural Centre. This year, as requested by the community, a Savoury Section has been included in the Competition.

You'll never know what a small amount of VegemiteŽ can do to a recipe if you don't try it out.

After all, who better to lay claim to using our iconic Aussie spread in their cooking than the community of Bega! Who better to judge the use of VegemiteŽ in either sweet or savoury treats than Bega CWA!  And who better to sponsor the VegemiteŽ Cooking Competition than Bega Cheese and Tathra's Alison Westblade?

Age Groups and Competition Items

Rules and Requirements:

  1. Six of the cooked items to be displayed on a foil lined plate and placed in a clean oven bag (oven bags are strong and keep out flies!)
  2. Recipe provided with each item.
  3. Entries to CWA Rooms in Church St. Bega, between 9.00am and 10.00am on Saturday 29 January 2022
  4. Prizes awarded for First and Second for each of recipe items stipulated.
  5. Winners announced at 12.00pm approximately
  6. Judges decisions are absolutely final and not to be questioned or discussed with the judges.

Check out VegemiteŽ pizzas on the web!