Friends of the Old Bega Hospital - Donations

Donations to the Friends of the Old Bega Hospital are always welcome - the Hospital is going to absorb a lot of money as it is restored.  We hope to get a good deal of the money from governments (the Hospital is owned by the State so it is reasonable that the State should foot the bulk of the bill: it will own the asset once the work is done).  Money from donations will be used to fill in what government grants don't cover, and provide a good indication to government that the community is serious about getting the buildings working again.

Donations can be made directly into the Friends Public Fund account at the IMB:

Account Name:    Friends of Old Bega Hospital Public Fund
BSB:                    641800
Account number:  200669859

If you require a receipt please fill in the details on the Donation Form ( Word version   PDF version ) and email it, or print and mail it, to us. Otherwise your donation will be treated as anonymous and you will not receive a receipt.

The Friends will be applying to enable donations to be tax deductible, either directly (if the Friends is registered as a cultural organisation) or via the National Trust (for heritage conservation). It is not clear how long the registration process will take or whether, indeed, it will be successful: we understand the process can be protracted. Until that is approved, donations are not tax deductible.  If you would like to make or pledge a substantial donation, whether or not you want it to be tax deductible, please contact us to discuss.

Regular donations can be made by contacting your financial institution and arranging a periodic payment. Please contact us if you will require an annual receipt for periodic donations - they will probably have to be prepared manually.

Thank you! Every donation counts.