Friends of Old Bega Hospital Raise the Roof Spring Fair

Raise the Roof Spring Fairs are held on the last Sunday in October at the Old Bega Hospital.

The festivities attract several hundred visitors. 2019 poster. We missed out on a 2020 Spring Fair because of Covid, and have had to cancel again in 2021. Many thanks to the crew who were getting things ready just in case it could go ahead.

We will try again in 2022. The normal format may have to be adapted to fit in with the demands of a busy building site - steel fencing, working trucks, temporary site buildings, materials dumps and all the gear which is a necessary part of a major heritage site rebuild! Will we be complaining? Not on your Nelly! But no matter what is happening at the site there will be a chance for the community to come to the precinct and experience whatever the Events Committee can cobble together. Minimally, food and refreshments, a chocolate wheel raffle, a cake stall, a Vegemite cooking (sweet and savoury sections) competition, music, kids activities, the Kalaru Dancing Dogs and a chance for the community to catch the heart of our Community Cultural Centre in the process of being restored to its former glory.

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